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Bali marine sports are the axciting sea activities and fun with great challenge for everyone who join this sport. it offers a variety of marine post activities from the motor to the manual. this is one of the great seawater adventures in bali giving the fantastic experience from every activity like jet sky, banana boat, fly fish, snorkeling, parasailing, diving, fishing, glass bottom boat and turtle island tour. the marine sport packages are also available with attractive choice of sport activities and competitive price.

Bali water sport center

Blue sea water without waves is the best place for water sports activities. bali has a beautyful place with along white sand beach. located in tanjung benoa as marine sport center. it is located right in bali peninsula, southern part of the island and about 25 minutes drive from bali international airport. this is just one step from nusa dua, the elite resort area in bali and easy to achieve.

Marine sport activities :

  • Parasailing
    Feel the tension falls umbrella in bali, come invite all your friends and family enjoy the thrill of parasailing in bali. fun and festive feel of this game. you will wear a parachute and towed by a speedboat and fly like a professional skydiver. bali’s beuatiful beaches and the sea will add to the thrill of your vacation.
    Price : IDR 90.000 / Person
  • Snorkeling
    Snorkeling is a fantastic marine activity to over view the beautiful panorama that coral, colorful fishes and other unique marine life. this adventure will take you an exciting experience with professional snorkeling guide who guide you the right snorkeling spot point. it will take about an hour to explore and view beautiful underwater life which fitted safety equipment.
    Price : IDR 150.000 / Person
  • Jet sky
    Jet sky is a fantastic adventure watersport in bali. you will be given the opportunity to use the jetsky above the sea bali beautiful. and you will feel different water adventure and fun to fill your holiday in bali.
  • Water ski
    Water ski is one of the exciting marine sport activity gliding on the seawater at tanjung benoa beach which is famous with bali marine sport center. this adventure uses water ski board and pulled by a speedboat to surround the beautiful white sand beaches.
    Price : IDR 250.000 / Person
  • Banana boat
    Feel the fresh sea water splashes with family and relatives. the most favorite water adventures and enjoy doing. banana boat, using banana-shaped rubber boat pulled in the pull speed boat making exciting water sports. you can invite friends, family even friends to enjoy a cheap sport in bali this great together.
    Price : IDR 75.000 / Person
  • Fly fish
    Fly fish is the latest sea sports activities with a flat rubber boat ride pulled by a speed boat. it is an adventure to fly like a fish jumping in the sea water at high speed drag boat speed. you should try it and feel the sensation.
    Price : IDR 150.000 / Person
  • Glass bottom boat
    Use the glass bottom boat tour to explore around benoa sea and stop for 15 minutes to observe the colorful fish under the water and just sit on the boat you can see many types of fish from a glass bottom. the trip will be seen around the beautiful beach with the local community everyday.
    Price : IDR 150.000 / Person
  • Turtle island tourism
    Travel turtle island is a water tour packages by boat or boat across the sea tanjung benoa heading to turtle island to see the turtle breeding locations. here you will see that turtle eggs, and turtle who still small, juvenile turtles to adult turtles that ar ready to be parent. in this place there are many types of turtles that you will be presented with an interesting spectacle where you can interact with the animals that are now increasingly rare presence. at turtle island also sold variety of crafts or trinkets from natural materials such as craft of tortoiseshell, namely bracelets, necklaces and other.
    Price : IDR 150.000 / Person

Watersport packages :

  1. Flying fish, Parasailing, Banana boat ( Price IDR 305.000 )
  2. Seawalker, Banana boat, Parasailing ( Price IDR 510.000 )
  3. Scuba diving, Banana boat, Flying fish ( Price IDR 480.000 )
  4. Snorkeling, Flying fish, Banana boat ( Price IDR 400.000 )
  5. Scuba diving, Banana boat, Parasailing ( Price IDR 420.000 )
  6. Scuba diving, Parasailing, Flying fish ( Price IDR 495.000 )
  7. Scuba diving, Parasailing, Roling donut ( Price IDR 455.000 )
  8. Jet ski, Parasailing, Banana boat ( Price IDR 305.000 )

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