Tenganan Village

tenganan villageTenganan is one of the traditional villages located in karangasem regency. tenganan village is one of the villages that still maintain the lifestyle community governance refers to the traditional rules of customary village ancestors bequeathed to them that are called bali aga village.

According to historical records, tenganan community actually come from peneges village, gianyar, formerly called the village bedahulu. according to folklore, the ancient king who ruled in bedahulu loses his favorite white horse, so be ordered to find the horse. once the horse was finnaly found, but unfortunately the horse was found to be dead. king of grief, but he still appreciates the hard work of the inventor named ki patih alas blue. as a reward, he was given an area of land as far as the smell of dead horses still smells. by ki patih blue alas, the horse carcass dismembered and scattered in several parts of the hills and beaches around tenganan, so the stench wafted in the wide area coverage covers an area of candidasa beach, to the western hill and east hill.

The shape and the layout of the building is still following the traditional rules of heredity that is still maintained today. in addition to the original shape of the building is still traditional.
tenganan also famouse tourist traditional ceremony known as the pandan war. this ceremony can be seen usually in juni and last for 30 days.