Nusa Park

taman nusaTaman nusa located at banjarangkan blahpane kelod, sidan village, gianyar bali. approximately 30 minutes from the city of denpasar. it is cultural tourist park provide a through knowladge about the culture of the various ethnic indonesian island of bali in a natural atmosphere. taman nusa mission is to make the park as a means of preservation of cultural, recreational and didactic for both local and foreign visitors to better understand indonesian culture in a way that is engaging and interactive.

In the area of 15 hectares, visitors had the opportunity to explore and enjoy the panoramic view of the passage of indoneasia, starting from prehistoric, bronze age, the kingdom until the village culture of indonesia. the journey continues into the early days of indonesia, the independence era, the present and end up in hopes of a future indonesia. in the area of 15 hectares, visitors are invited to explore and enjoy the panoramic view of the passage of time the indonesian people from time to time,
starting from :

  • Prehistory
  • Period bronze
  • The period of the kingdom.
    with one of masterpiece borobudur.
  • Cultural village
    more than 60 traditional houses, some of them hundreds of years old. visitors had the opportunity to know different ethnic, cultural arts and crafts as well as indonesia.
  • Indonesia beginning
    there is a statue of gajah mada majapahit, temple gate trowulan and youth pledge.
  • Independent indonesia
    there is statue proclaimers mr sukarno and hatta
    proclamation of indonesian independence as well as text
  • Indonesia today
    indonesia today is shown with a miniature railway diorama with HO scale ( 1:87 ), in area of 200 m2 with panoramic views of nature and cities of indonesia. miniature is equipped with more than 50 locomotives and 300 freight cars and passenger cars are controlled using a computer.

Hope indonesia future

In the region there are modern themed libraries and three museums that display the cultural heritage of indonesia, such as puppets, batik, woven and embroidered awesome.