North Bali Culture

bali silence dayNORTH BALI CULTURE

Nyakan diwang is one of tradition heritage and done during nyepi day, tradition ” nyakan diwang ” or cook outdoors carried out almost in the villages, such as: munduk village,kayuputih village, banyuatis village,banyusri village and other villages of banjar regency. tradition nyakan diwang aims to purify the home and kitchen environment where the community is believed to hold “nyakan diwang” and believed to increase the kinship between existing residents. north of bali or banjar regency still preserving the tradition of” nyakan diwang” or cook in a roadside on a “ngembak geni”, the day after nyepi day.philosophically meaningful tradition as a form of gratitude for the previous day can implement ” brata catur penyepian” (four prohibition) well and smoothly. four prohibition such as :

  • amati geni or not light a fire
  • amati lelanguan or not do activities or fun
  • amati lelungan or not travel but must remain at home
  • amati karya or not do the job

people who do traditional wake at (ngembak geni) around 00.00 pm. They began setting up a furnace made of bricks in front of the house nyakan diwang or cooking outside, is a tradition that should be kept as the implementation of the teachings of Tri Hita Karana, the relationship between humans.