Goa Lawah Temple

bat cave templeGoa Lawah Temple in dawan sub district, klungkung regency, about 49 kilometers from denpasar. this temple is inside a cave that housed thousands of bats at dusk.
for the balinese hindu community, including as a temple of goa lawah universe kahyangan or heaven sad.
the view that given this attraction is quite interesting, becouse visitors can see the temple lined right at the mounth of the cave.

Pura goa lawah in coastal areas that met the hilly region. even the cave reportedly lawah actually penetrating to regions besakih bedugul, tabanan regency.
but since the earthquake in 1917, the cave lawah be closed. who built the temple of goa lawah until now unknown due to very old age, so that there are no speakers who really knows for sure its history.

In addition to providing a unique experience and historical tourism, visitors can try a culinary tour around the temple goa lawah. there are a few stalls that provide food and stalls seafood satay and grilled fish supply.