Barong Dance

ubud barong danceBarong is one of the most famouse dance. which tells the strunggle between good and evil. the core story is taken from the barong dance puppet story of india is the largest hindu mahabrata.
in this story is told, one of the five pandawas ( 5 children ), namely sahadeva, will be sacrificed by her mother ( goddes kunthi ) to be offered to the goddes durga ( shiva wife has a creepy face ) but the time secrificed goddes kunthi feel very sad and not willingly sacrificed his son and he wanted to cancell.
therefore cunning goddess durga finally kunthi instantly changed his mind and became very angry with sahadeva. and finally sahadeva tied under a tree, waiting for the right time for courtesy. that’s when it comes vishnu gives to sahadeva that make him invincible. and it’s time to kill the goddess durga down sahadeva, but they are not able to do. eventually even the goddess durga asked sahadeva to kill himself ( goddess durga ) so she can go back to heavan.

after he was killed, came kalika ( pupil goddess durga ) and try to kill sahadeva. but kalika lost and transformed into a wild boar, becouse hunted by the people then he transformed again into birds axis ( a large bird ) and beat sahadeva. again kalika lost and transformed into a form of goddess durga with rangda. at the time transformed into a barong sahadeva and fought with kalika, in this fight no one wins or lost.
the dance ended with a dagger dance, played by some of the man who tried to stab himself with a dagger but none of them were injured, becouse their bodies have been infiltrated by supernatural powers. that briefly the story of the barong dance. for more detail, please a time to yourself to watch this dance if a holiday to bali.

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Barong dance entrance fee

The entrance fee for barong dance is Adult IDR 100.000/Person and Children IDR 50.000/Person